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Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour from Krakow

Częstochowa is a nice city situated in Silesian voivodeship, among the Jurassic rocks of Krakow-Częstochowa Upland. However, the beautiful picturesque surroundings and close proximity to numerous ruins of medieval castles is not the main reason for the city being so frequently visited.

Częstochowa is considered to be the spiritual capital of Poland. The city is famous for its religious significance. Częstochowa is a place of numerous churches and monasteries, but the most important is its Jasna Góra Monastery, where the Black Madonna painting, a portrait of the Virgin Mary, is placed. It is a very famous destination for those Christians who seek religious and spiritual experiences and remitting.

Black Madonna painting is one of the most recognisable symbols of Christianity in Poland. The painting is especially worshiped by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians. It has a long history and an impressive record of miracles and legends surround it. The age and origins of the painting are unknown. The oldest legend from the 15th century (Translatio Tabulae Beatae Mariae Virginis, quam Sanctus Lucas depinxit propris manibus) claims, that Saint Luce the Evangelist painted it on the wooden counter of the table that Jesus made himself.

Częstochowa attracts around five million tourists annually from all around the world. Believers have been pilgrimaging here for centuries to pay homage to the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. Copies of the painting are placed in the chapels and places of worship all around the world. The Monastery and the painting have been the famous destinations for prayers even among the Polish monarchs.

Częstochowa Jasna Góra Monastery - Museum Regulations

  • You are required show respect and behave in a dignified manner due to the sacred character of the place
  • You should dress appropriately. The clothes should cover shoulders and knees for both women and men. No shorts or sleeveless tops are allowed. Failing to meet this restriction may end up in inability to enter the site.
  • Taking photos is allowed with no flash.

Częstochowa Black Madonna Tours from Krakow - Our Regulations

  • In case of canceling the tour 24 hours prior or earlier, you get a full refund
  • If you cancel the tour within 24 hours before it starts or fail to attend it, no refund is due
  • You are requested to arrive at the chosen pickup point 5 minutes before the departure time
  • Minor delays are possible due to the traffic conditions
  • If your pickup point is located at Kazimierz or the city centre, you may be asked to take up to 5 min walk to the vehicle
  • In case of any questions or issues, you can ask your driver for the assistance. Or call our central office. You will get the necessary contact information via e-mail after you book a tour

Częstochowa - Black Madonna Tour - FAQ

  • Is the Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour available for children?
    Yes, the Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour has no age restrictions. However, we do not recommend taking toddlers to the Jasna Góra Monastery.
  • Is the Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour available for the people with mobility impairments?
    Yes, the Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour is available for the people with mobility impairments. Most of the Jasna Góra Monastery, including the access to the Black Madonna of Częstochowa, are accessible on the wheelchair. Please contact us for the details and individual arrangements of the tour.
  • What to wear?
    The Monastery has hard-and-fast rules concerning clothing of the visitors. Your knees and shoulders have to be covered no matter the sex. Your attire should be demure. Failing to meet these demands may result in inability to enter the Monastery.
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Picked up at the airport by a lovely man who gave us a bit of history and local knowledge. Our return trip was a delight also. A lovely young man, beautiful Mercedes and a great steady safe driver. Would definitely recommend



via Trip Advisor

From the moment we were picked up from the airport until returning for our flight home, nothing but excellent service. Jacob picked us up & pointed out attractions en route to our hotel. The company also can arrange to take you on tours to the likes of the Salt Mines & Auschwitz-Birkenau



via Trip Advisor

Absolutely fantastic :) Jacob was a credit to his job and so helpful! He actually made our trip he was so funny and accommodating he brought us everywhere and we had the laugh with him. Gave us all the tips and hints of what to do and where was good around the city.

Częstochowa Black madonna Tour from Krakow

The Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour starts in the morning. The departure time is quite flexible, however, we recommend you to choose early hours to avoid crowds. We provide door-to-door pickup. The ride to Częstochowa will take approximately two hours. Our driver is familiar with the region and will happily answer all of your questions.

At Częstochowa, the driver will set you down somewhere close to the Jasna Góra Monastery. You will get the beautiful view of Częstochowa city and its main avenue from the hill. Then you will enter the Jasna Góra Monastery, that is built in the Gothic style. The tour inside will be guided by a local monk or a priest. You will visit the shrine where the Black Madonna is placed and, if you wish, take part in the Holy Mass.

After visiting, you will have some free time for yourself and go back to Krakow.

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During the Częstochowa Black Madonna Tours from Krakow you will see:

  • 15th century Gothic Monastery
  • The Virgin Mary shrine
  • Worshipped Black Madonna painting
  • The most famous place of religious pilgrimages in Poland

Trip to Częstochowa from Krakow – Częstochowa Tours detailed description

The city is situated 140 km away from Krakow. The road is comfortable and fast, which makes it a perfect destination for a day trip. This is a popular solution for those who wish to see the Black Madonna, also known as Our Lady of Częstochowa.

The road trip to Częstochowa from Krakow is marked by beautiful views. It is surrounded by the Jurassic rocks of Krakow-Częstochowa Upland. The trail between the cities and the neighbourhood of Częstochowa is the area where numerous castles were built in the Middle Ages to defend the borders of the Polish Kingdom. Now the castles remain in ruin.

Częstochowa apart from the historical centre and the places of worship is an industrial city, and these parts of it are not frequently visited by tourists. Częstochowa itself is not a very popular place for visiting, except the religious purposes. People gather here to pilgrimage to the Jasna Góra, a hill in the city where a Monastery is placed. The Monastery was established by the Pauline monks from Hungary in 1382. Nowadays, Jasna Góra is a 15th-century Gothic monastery with the elements of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, which were added later.

Our Lady of Częstochowa ikon is the cornerstone of the religious identity of Polish Christians and an important symbol of the nation.

Jasna Góra Monastery was under attack several times but managed to protect itself. It suffered the major attacks from Sweden, Russia, and Germany. All of the invaders were of a different faith. This fact contributed to the strong belief that the Virgin Mary protects this place and the country in general.

The other famous Polish legend is connected to the Swedish invasion that Poland suffered through in the 17th century. Jasna Góra was one of the attacked and surrounded places, but it managed to get defended against the outnumbering enemies. Some people say that this miraculous defeat was due to the protection of the Sacred Virgin Mary, whose portrait hangs inside the Monastery.

The origins of the painting are unknown. The most famous legend claims that it was painted by the Saint Luke the Evangelist on the table that Jesus supposedly made by himself. According to the other legend from east tradition, the painting might have been created at Jerusalem, in the Cenacle, which is traditionally considered to be the place of the Last Supper.

Art historians speculate as to the style of the painting. They ascribe the styles of the art schools of Byzantium, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bolonia to the Our Lady to Chęstochowa. It is a tempera painting on linden panels. The origins are still unknown.

The art historians also cannot agree about the age of the painting. It is dated back to the different centuries from the 2nd to the 14th. The historical fact is, that in 1382 the painting was given to the newly established monastery near modern Częstochowa by duke Władysław Opolczyk (the Duke of Opole). The painting was brought from Hungary.

There are numerous miracles and miracle cures that happened in front of the painting. The first one recorded took place in 1386 when a Lithuanian painter Jakub Wężyk got his vision back. Most of the written sources from the times before 17th century with the records of the miracles were destroyed. But later every case of the miracles occurring in front of the Our Lady of Częstochowa has been written down.

Częstochowa Poland Tour - Interesting information

There is a possibility to visit several castles situated on the Eagle Trail between Krakow and Częstochowa. It is possible for the additional cost of 150 pln / 35 euro and the price of the entry tickets, that are usually around 1.25-4.00 euro.

Jasna Góra Monastery houses the Nobel Peace Prize medal that was received by Lech Wałęsa, a Polish former political leader who organised the Solidarność movement.

Over 100 thousands of pilgrims a year reach the Monastery by foot. The average distance for a pilgrim to cover is around 350 km. Usually, it takes 11 days.

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Rated 4.6/5 based on 5 customer reviews
  • ( 5/5)

    I am glad that I visited the monastery with Cracow4you. The tour was organized at the highest level. The driver made a good impression, he was polite and drove carefully. We reached Częstochowa at 11 am, and it was crowded. I didn't expect the site to be so popular. The visit to the monastery was very pleasurable and the painting is breathtaking.

  • ( 5/5)

    The trip is nice. Cracow4you organises great experiences. We got picked up by a clean and well-maintained vehicle. We decided to go early to the site so we slept through the way there. We managed arrive at the monastery before the crowds, that started to gather later while we were here. The place is extremely popular! A friendly monk showed us the Monastery and guided around the area.

  • ( 4/5)

    The tour was a really strong and positive experience for me. The Black Madonna is impressive! No reproduction or image on the screen can mediate its true force, you should just be here to feel it. And the history of the painting and its spiritual significance are very inspiring!

  • ( 4/5)

    It was also an uplifting experience to see all of the people here united by their faith. When we arrived we happened to take part in the mass. There were a lot of pilgrims on their knees in from of the painting praying. The atmosphere in the shire was solemn.

  • ( 5/5)

    This is a must see place if you are a Catholic. The place is full of pilgrims. It is a centre of religious life in Poland. The Monastery is very nice to see. We got toured by a friendly monk. The chapel where the Black Madonna painting is placed is rather small.

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