Premium tour to Aushwitz

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winter in krakow

City break in Krakow – premium tour to Auschwitz

Are you looking for an idea for a city break in winter? Check out the heart of Europe – Krakow. As one of the richest (in the case of history) Polish city, Krakow stands out with an enormous number of attractions and a friendly atmosphere. Walking down the streets of the city center, you will bump into plenty of Christmas and winter decorations. Most of Krakow’s attractions welcome visitors all over the year, so if you come to Krakow in times of favorable weather, you can make the best out of your short trip at any time.

Cheap flights to Krakow

For many of us, the essential criterion for choosing the place for a short trip abroad is the price of flights. Luckily, the connection between Poland and England is extremely friendly both for workers and travelers. Most Polish airports offer a couple of flights every day, with the Krakow on the top of the list in case of several flights to different parts of England. There are flights to a few London airports (Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, and Standsted) from Krakow-Balice Airport, but most of the flights land at (and take off from) Luton and Stansted though. Wintertime is the cheapest period to come to Poland by plane, as the prices in February are really low. Krakow can be a great city break at any time during the year because, in comparison to other European countries, accommodation, entrances to cultural objects, and above all restaurants, are much more affordable. Another reason to choose Krakow for a trip is the time of flight, which takes only about 2 hours. The best dates for cheap flights to Krakow are february. 

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What to do in Krakow in winter

The tourist capital of Poland is busy, not only in the summer season. Of course, the occupancy rate in hotels is much lower than in summer, but Krakow in winter has even more advantages to attract tourists from around the world. Even the Main Square looks much better, mainly because of the Christmas market, and fairs. You can buy Galician specialties, folklore handicrafts, and local craft products. The winter culinary offered in the Krakow market beats this summer, in which the only significant element is the legendary bagel. On the Christmas market, stalls tempt visitors with roasted caramel nuts, cakes, gingerbreads, honey, chocolate, and marzipan products, dumplings, and grilled meats. The Wawel castle in winter seems even more mysterious than during the summer. If you are not scared of a bit windy weather, terrains along the Vistula rivers is the best place to take a romantic walk.


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Exclusive trip to Auschwitz with Cracow4you

City break in Krakow is a marvelous idea, but we have for you something special -The Guided Tour to Auschwitz Birkenau. This professional trip with Cracow4you includes transfer from Krakow to Oświecim and the tour with an experienced guide that speaks your language! You will get to know even the most in-depth details of one of the most important events in modern history. The cost of the Auschwitz Premium Tour is only 59 euro. It means that if you make a quick decision now, you can book a flight and tour in just around 120 euro. Adding surprisingly cheap accommodation and prices in restaurants, your trip to Krakow can extend for a couple of days without going over budget. For booking a flight we recommend visiting WizzAir, and for choosing the best tours.


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