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With no doubt Krakow, if not heads the list of top touristic destinations in Central Europe, is among the most visited and famous cities. Not to mention the fact that Krakow has been ranked several times as the top weekend destination in Europe. But why people go to Krakow? Apart from the fact that Krakow is the important centre of culture and history with numerous architectural monuments, old churches and museums with the extra merits as friendly local people and the general atmosphere of leisure and joy, the city is also quite cheap.

Krakow has very reasonable prices, especially in comparison to the Western Europe. According to the Big Mac index, Polish currency – złoty – is 39% undervalued against euro, which makes Poland one of the cheapest destinations in EU. In practice? If you live in the country with euro as currency, you should expect prices in Krakow to be around 40-60% lower than in your country of residence!

Drinks and Beer Prices in Krakow

Krakow beer

This fact made Krakow a very popular destination especially among young people and students for whom this city is relatively affordable. The popular idea is to go here to relax and party since Krakow is famous for its plentiful cafes, pubs and bars, and the prices for the alcohol here are among the lowest in the world! What is also a distinctive feature of Krakow – the is no distinction between places “for locals” and places “for tourists”. Citizens of the city enjoy partying at the city centre or at Kazimierz district, where you can get local beer for around 6-8 PLN (1,4-1,9 euro) for 0,5 L (around 0,9 pt). Foreign beer or craft beer can be a little bit more pricey, around 10-12 PLN (2,35-2,8 euro), as well as alcohol in clubs will be more expensive than in pubs. In most of the bars, it is possible to get vodka shot for 1 euro.

Here you can find a comparison of the beer prices around the world. The price is the mean of the groceries beer price and pub’s beer price for 0,33 L in euro.

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Restaurant prices in Krakow

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Another important question is: where to eat in Krakow? The city offers you a choice of numerous restaurants and cafes of different price categories. Of course, there are some fancy restaurants where for a dinner for two the bill will come out for 100 euro. But in the nicest places in the city centre, the price for a dish should not be higher than 10-12 euro (40-50 PLN). For example, a price for a burger in Hard Rock Cafe placed at the main square just in front of the St. Mary’s Basilica is 39,90 PLN, so 9,32 euro. A price for a medium pizza is around 30 PLN in the restaurant in the city centre. There are also numerous Milk Bars (Bar Mleczny) where you can get local Polish food for around 3-4 euro. Also, the good idea is to eat at food trucks, which are usually placed at the Kazimierz district. The prices of the meals there vary from 4,20 to 6 euro. A popular place to eat is also at Kazimierz Plac Nowy, where you can get zapiekanka – a local Polish baguette with toppings that behaves as pizza. A price for zapiekanka is around 2 euro. A common snack here is obwarzanek – a round bagel with cheese, poppy, sesame or salt toppings or plain. You can get them pretty much everywhere around the city from the blue counters which serve only them for around 0,4 euro.

Food prices in Krakow

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You can find a data table with the example market prices of food in Krakow. The prices have been taken from the Tesco website. You can find a little bit cheaper products in the shops like Lidl, Biedronka or Kaufland, but also please bear in mind that if you buy something in the small stores, kiosks or gas stations, the prices will be higher.

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Public Transport Prices in Krakow

Krakow transport

Krakow has well-developed and easy-to-use public transport, but the variety of types of tickets can be overwhelming. There is a basic ticket for one-way trip or 40 minutes trip (if you transfer) for 3,80 PLN or 0,9 euro. Also, some tickets allow you to travel and transfer for 20, 60, and 90 minutes or 24, 48, 72 hours or 7 days. A whole day ticket costs 15,00 PLN or 3,50 euro. All those tickets allow you to travel by bus or tram.

There are also other options available to move around the city. Taxi tariffs at the workdays start from 7 zł from the start with the extra of around 2 zł per kilometre, so for a 5 km ride you will pay 4 euro. After 10 pm and during weekends the prices are higher.

Also, there is an option to rent a city bicycle. You can rent it for 60 or 90 minutes or 12 hours.

Hotel Prices in Krakow

Krakow hotel

A spread of the prices for accommodation in Krakow is quite significant. If you are not demanding, you can find a bed in a hostel or a dorm for as cheap as 3,50-4 euro. Prices for a room in an average 3-star hotel starts from 20-25 euro. Renting an apartment or private room is quite popular in Krakow too, with the prices for one person being around 25-50 euro. There are also luxurious hotels with a price that can be over 100 euro.

Tour Prices in Krakow

In Krakow, you can find several free walking tours, which during the summer season take place several times a day. The only restriction is that they do not accept groups which are bigger than seven people to keep the tour comfortable and productive. For the bigger group, it is possible to make a reservation for a private trip.

There are plenty of companies that offer you all possible kinds of tours with very variable prices. There are bus, bike, segway and electric car tours. Tours to Wieliczka Salt Mines and Auschwitz start from around 35 euro. All tours are available in different European languages. You can find our whole range of trips on

Train Prices in Krakow

Krakow is the hub of the train communication. From here you can get to the main cities in Poland and also to the cites of the neighbour countries, as Budapest, Vienna or Prague.

If you plan on visiting other Polish cities, you have several options. Polish trains have different providers: InterCity (IC) are the most comfortable and fast, but also pricey. REGIO trains are of the lower range. They are local and stop in the small localities and villages, which lower the speed of the trip. On the other hand, trains of this type are a good option to travel cheaply. There are also TLK trains, which are basically older InterCity, but they also offer the possibility to travel at night for a more extended distance since most of them are equipped with sleeper seats.

Comparison of the prices from Krakow to Warsaw:

IC travel time 4:22 – from 15,40 euro

EIP (Express InterCity Premium) travel time 2:26 – from 35 euro

TLK travel time varies from 3:00 to 4:43 – from 14 euro

You can check the timetable, prices and buy tickets here. Please bear in mind that the student discount is available only for the Polish students or for Erasmus students who study in Poland – only Polish student IDs are accepted.

To sum up – Exemplary Average Prices in Krakow

Prices in the grocery

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Other prices

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