Kościuszko Mound, the best view in Krakow

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Kościuszko Mound is an artificial mound which was built by Cracovians who wanted to commemorate Tadeusz Kościuszko, Polish national leader. It was erected in November 1823 on a hill known as the Blessed Bronisława Hill, aka Sikornik. The krakow mound is located in western part of Kraków which is called Zwierzyniec District. The mound is one of the five mounds located in Kraków. The four other mounds are: Krakus Mound, Wanda Mound, Piłsudski Mound and the youngest – John Paul II Mound. 

The history of Kościuszko Mound

Kosciuszko Mound was built to honour Tadeusz Kościuszko who was a military leader and Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces in 1794 when he led uprising. Because of his contribution to helping the Polish people living under foreign occupation, Cracovians wanted to construct something to let him be remembered and they went on constructing the krakow mound. It took them three years of voluntary work to create the mound to the height of 34 metres. Kosciuszko Mound Krakow was donated by Polish people living in Polish territories under occupation. At the top of the mound there is a granite rock from Tatra Mountains. It bears an inscription: “To Kościuszko”. 

In nineteenth century, authorities from Austria (one of the occupants) built a citadel around Kosciuszko Mound Krakow. They used the building as a strategic lookout then. After the World War II, the citadel was demolished. 

What can you see standing at the top of Kościuszko Mound?

Standing at the top of Kościuszko Mound tourists can admire the view of Kraków Old Town, the beautiful post-Jewish Kazimierz District, Wawel Castle, Vistula River and Zakrzówek Lagoon which is a nature reservoir. Next to the Mound, there is a museum exhibiting some artifacts from Tadeusz Kościuszko’s life. 

Other things to do and objects to see near Kosciuszko Mound?

In a close distance from Kosciuszko Mound Krakow, there is also a zoo where you can see many different varieties of birds and wild animals such as lions, tigers and elephants and many more. All of this is surrounded by a magnificent viewing park, with plenty of walking paths. While visiting Kościuszko Mound, you definitely should find some time for a trip to Kraków Old Town. 

In the Old Town you can see astonishing Mariacki Church and some monuments of historical meaning and other buildings which are pearls of architecture. Near Old Town, located in Śródmieście District of Kraków, there are other interesting districts such as Kazimierz District where you can see some Jewish synagogues and have a lovely cup of coffee. Moreover, if you are really keen on visiting museums, you will be content to hear that in the city there are a lot of interesting museums! For example, there is National Museum with loads of wonderful paintings and art in general, Archeological Museum in Old Town with cool exhibitions, Museum of Obwarzanek (which is similar to a bagel, but the dough is savoury, decorated with salt, poppy or sesame and firmen in texture) and Museum of Arcade Games, where you can see collection of about one hundred arcade games from 80s and 90s (in the museum tourists are allowed to play on all of the exhibits presented there). 

Food in Kraków – what to do when we are starving after a trip?

After a long hiking through the streets of Kraków and after walking on the path to the top of Kościuszko Mound, you will surely want to eat something tasty. When it comes to the places where tourists can eat in the city, there are stacks of good restaurants, bistros and pubs there. In the Old Town, you can find a place to eat whatever you like! For example, there are vegan and vegetarian restaurants, restaurants offering Mexican, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian or Georgian cuisine, luxurious restaurants or cheap bistros, salad bars, pancake bars and so on. However, you do not have to head towards Old Town to have a meal! There are restaurants also in shopping centres and many more located in the city. You will surely and easily find something delicious for yourself!

For those about to have great time in Kraków

Imagine you have seen everything you wanted to sightsee in Kraków, you have been to Kościuszko Mound and in the museums, you even have had a bite of an excellent meal and you just want to chill and have a good time in the city. Fortunately, as Kraków is the city where lots of students live, tourists can handily find pubs with good beers (Polish ones, for instance), clubs with great cocktails and music. Moreover, in Old Town, there are loads of clubs which offer a wide range of kinds of music. In the discos there are sometimes concerts of Polish or foreign bands or single artists so when you are planning a trip to Kraków, it is worth checking the events happening in the period of your trip. 

To sum up, the city of Kraków is such a lovely place with its historical importance. Being there, you really ought to visit some museums and Wawel Castle along with beautiful Kościuszko Mound – standing at the top of it, you may admire the whole panorama of Kraków!

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