The following terms and conditions were prepared with accordance with the provision form 18th July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means. The terms and conditions present the rules governing performing services by digital means via web domain: cracow4you.com

The domain cracow4you.com (referred to as “website”) allows to purchase and perform the chosen transit or tour organisation services.

Reading and accepting the following terms and conditions is a requisite condition for receiving the services.

The service provider is recognised as:


Registration address:

Office address:



NIP registry number:

REGON registry number:


The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for the circumstances and events beyond their control.


Purchasing the services of the Service Provider on the website C4U by the customer is tantamount to signing a contract between the parties, for the purposes of receiving the services from the Service Provider.

To utilize the website in order to purchase the services of the Service Provider, a client is required to:

  • have internet access
  • have WWW domains accessibility and possess a WWW search engine
  • have a valid e-mail
  • be able to receive notifications via email

The following technology is used by the website: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, XML, cookies.

High-tech security measures are deployed on the website in order to protect transactions and customer data while using the website, in particular: SSL certificate, transaction protection system.

The contract between the Service Provider and the customer for performing the services is automatically resolved when the customer finishes receiving the services purchased.

Sending any offensive, disparaging, illegal or deliberately misleading content as well as any content aiming at disturbing or damaging the C4U website functioning is strictly prohibited.


This site uses cookies and other technologies for automatic data storage for statistical purposes, services and advertising. By using our websites without changing your browser settings, they will be stored in the device's memory.

Personal data provided by the customer are utilized in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the 25th of May 2018 about the protection of personal information and for the purposes of using the website and receiving the services.

By purchasing the services, a customer gives consent for all personal information provided to the C4U when purchasing the services to be stored and processed by C4U for data management purposes, contact purposes and for the possibility of receiving the purchased services by a customer. 

At any point, a customer may revoke the permission for personal data usage of C4U. To do so, you need to send the statement to the Service Provider. The resignation is tantamount to resignation from the services provided.


For receiving the services, a client will be asked to provide data, as legal name and surname and contact information as valid e-mail address and phone number.

For receiving the services, a client is required to complete the payment. 

After the payment is complete, the client will receive a unique code and a confirmation of payment and purchase of the chosen services via email provided. Phone number is needed for emergency contact.

The payment for the services purchased is made via credit/debit card by standard online payment forms. The payment may be performed by Paylane, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, Paypal and via bank transfer from the customer’s bank account utilizing internet payment services.


The customer may leave a complaint concerning the service provided. The complaint should contain the client’s name and surname and the order code in order to identify the complainant as a service recipient and be sent to the contact e-mail of the company.

The complaint should be investigated within 30 days. The client will receive information about the solution of the complaint via email.


The Service Provider holds the copyright to all content published on the website. Downloading and printing the content is possible for private use only. Copying and publishing the content without permission will be fined in the amount of 100 000 euro.


The Service Provider states, that the company hold all the necessary legitimations and licenses to perform the services form their business domain, as transit provider, tour organiser and tourist service provider.


Any information contained on the website does not constitute the final business transaction in the eyes of Civil Law.

The Service Provider reserves the possibility of changing terms and conditions without notification.

Purchasing the services constituted to the agreement of current terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions apply to all residents of any country all around the world.

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