Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour

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What is included in all our Krakow salt mine tour

  • Instant confirmation
    While making a reservation, after the payment is complete, you will get an instant confirmation of your order on your screen. All the details and contact information will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Transport by air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz minibus
    We provide high quality cars for the transportation to ensure the comfort of our clients. Our Krakow Salt mine Tour includes door-to-door pick up.
  • English-speaking driver
    We provide a fluent English-speaking driver to pick you up and drop you off during our tours to Wieliczka from Krakow.
  • Entrance fees
    Wieliczka Salt Mine tickets are included in the displayed prices of the tour.
  • Guided Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour with the licensed educator
    After arrival at Wieliczka Salt Mine, you will get highly professional English-speaking guide to provide all necessary background information and details.
  • Transport insurance & all fees
    The Krakow Salt Mine Tour prices include transport insurance and VAT.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour Options

Wieliczka salt mine tickets prices differ accordingly to the type of the Salt Mine Krakow Tour Packages.

Salt Mine Krakow Poland Regular Tour

the optimal option for the minimal price.

  • Only 40 euro per person
  • • 4,5 h duration time
  • • Transportation by new minibus 
  • • A group around 20 people
  • • Pickup at selected 10 hotels - Andels, Wyspiański, Radisson, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Qubus, Hilton Garden Inn, Kazimierz, Novotel, Golden Tulip
  • • Insurance

Salt Mine Krakow Poland Premium Tour

the best price and the most popular option.

  • Only 50 euro per person
  • • 4 h duration time
  • • Transportation by new minibus 
  • • Group of 8 people
  • • Door-to-door pickup, with the maximum of 4 stops.  
  • • Personal attention of a fluent English-speaking driver
  • • Insurance

Salt Mine Krakow Poland Private Tour

the most comfortable option with full service.

  • From 42 euro per person  
  • • 6,5 h duration time 
  • • Lunch included
  • • Transportation by Mercedes-Benz van or limousine 
  • • Door-to-door pickup from
  • • Private executive vehicle only for you 
  • • Personal attention of a fluent English-speaking driver
  • • The shortest time of the transfer due to the lack of pickups 
  • • Insurance
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Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour - general information

Krakow Salt Mines Tour

Depending on the chosen type of the tour, Cracow4you offers you different options of transfer. When picking Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided General Tour, you will be granted transfer from 10 hotels of Krakow. There are 3 options of pickup time to choose from: morning, midday or afternoon. 

When picking Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Premium Tour you are granted door-to-door pickup. You will have the same pickup time options to choose from. Another difference is the smaller, more private group up to 8 people. 

At Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Private Tour you are granted door-to-door pickup from any place in Krakow and suburbs. What is more, you can choose the pickup time that suits you the most. The only restrictions are the working hours of Wieliczka Salt Mines.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most famous salt mines in Europe. It is the oldest one among the Polish Salt Mines and one of the oldest salt mines in the world. It was established in the 13th century and has been in operation incessantly from these times until the modern days. This Polish Salt Mine is included on UNESCO List since 1978 because of its impressive heritage. Nowadays the salt mines are still functioning, but mainly as a museum. Here, near Krakow, numerous salt mine tours are organized each day. Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most favourite destinations of the tourists visiting Poland and Krakow.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is an important centre of Polish history. In Poland salt mines of Wieliczka are a crucial centre of culture and history.

Apart from the museum, Wieliczka Salt Mines functions as a health resort and SPA. The air is healthy for the upper airways.

Wieliczka salt mine Museum Regulations

  • It is highly recommended to have warm clothes. The temperature in the underground salt mine is between 14 and 16 C.
  • The visitors of underground salt mine are advised to dress up in comfortable clothes. It is important to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Visitors can leave luggage at the repository near info point.
  • Smoking and fire usage during the tour is forbidden.
  • You will be assigned a professional guide, who will accompany you during the whole tour.

Krakow Salt Mine Tour - Our Regulations

  • If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the activity you will get a full refund
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the activity or you do not show up for the tour - no refund is due
  • Please arrive at the designated pick-up point minimum 5 minutes before the departure time
  • Minor delays (circa 20 minutes) are possible due to traffic conditions
  • Pickup from hotels located in Old Town or Kazimierz might include about 5 minute walk to the bus
  • In case of any issues, you can always ask our Tour Leader for help or call our Support Center (the number will be on the sticker that you get before the tour)

Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour - FAQ

  • Can I visit the mine with young children?
    There are no restrictions concerning the age of the visitors. Children under 4 years old have free entrance.
  • Is it possible to tour the mine with a stroller?
    The passages are not well-adjusted to strollers because of the number of steps. Children should be able to walk on their own or be carried.
  • Is it possible for persons on wheelchairs to visit the mine?
    Persons in wheelchairs or with mobility problems should use the elevator to get to the passages. Most of the exhibition is adjusted to the use of standard wheelchairs.
  • Can I take photos and film in the mine?
    To take photos and film you should pay the extra fee of the amount 10 PLN.
  • Are there any diseases that are a contraindication to visiting the mine?
    The tour can be quite physically demanding. Elderly people and people with mobility problems should realistically consider their conditions. People with claustrophobia and chronic illnesses should contact their doctor before the tour.
  • Can I visit the mine if I am pregnant?
    There are no contraindications in visiting the mine. However, the tour can be physically demanding. Please access your physical conditions realistically.
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Picked up at the airport by a lovely man who gave us a bit of history and local knowledge. Our return trip was a delight also. A lovely young man, beautiful Mercedes and a great steady safe driver. Would definitely recommend



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From the moment we were picked up from the airport until returning for our flight home, nothing but excellent service. Jacob picked us up & pointed out attractions en route to our hotel. The company also can arrange to take you on tours to the likes of the Salt Mines & Auschwitz-Birkenau



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Absolutely fantastic :) Jacob was a credit to his job and so helpful! He actually made our trip he was so funny and accommodating he brought us everywhere and we had the laugh with him. Gave us all the tips and hints of what to do and where was good around the city.

Visiting Krakow Salt Mine at Wieliczka Poland

First attempts of salt extraction at the present Wieliczka town were made around 3,000 BC when the natural springs of saline water were discovered. Between 12th and 13th centuries, when the springs dried up, the locals started to dig wells and soon bared the deposit of the rock salt. Nowadays the Wieliczka Salt Mine consists of 9 levels, with the last one reaching 1072 feet below the ground level. For the tours the depth up to 442 feet is available.

The exhibition consists of the labyrinth of passages, some of them entirely made of salt. The tour will follow those passages and visit underground saline lakes and over 20 chambers and chapels. On the way you will be able to see salt and stone sculptures and reliefs telling the history of Poland, come into contact with the culture of the miners and see the development of the mining technologies and machines. The Wieliczka Salt Mine tour is also a good option for those who enjoy physical activities as the route consists of 3 km of the twisting passages and over 800 stairs, with the 380 of them at the very beginning. The tour will be embellished with the numerous legends and stories which are connected to or were developed in this area

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While visiting Krakow Salt Mines you will see:

  • Numerous salt mine churches, including St. Antoni's Chapel and St.Kinga's Chapel
  • Underground salt mine passages from 209 to 442 feet below the ground level
  • Exhibitions about the history of Poland
  • Salt chambers, sculptures and reliefs
  • Mining tools and machines from different centuries

Krakow salt mine tour details

Visitors are required to follow the guide during the whole duration of the Wieliczka salt mines tours due to the exceptional character of the place.

The whole walk around underground salt mine, including the museum of "Żup Krakowskich" takes around 3 hours. At the entrance to Wieliczka salt mines, a luggage storage is located. Visitors are allowed to take handbags of the maximum dimensions 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. During the Wieliczka Tour, you will come across numerous chambers and chapels and see the exposition of salt sculptures and reliefs. Please bear in mind, that it is forbidden to touch them. The exhibition consists of important historical and cultural objects, some of them dating back to the 17th century. Touching them can accelerate the process of destruction.

While being underground you may buy some snacks and souvenirs. In the salt mines an hour after the start of the tour you will come across a small shop with some snacks. Also, an hour later there will be underground Miners' Tavern, where the group can rest if needed. After you reach the surface there will be a cafe and a restaurant available. There are several souvenir shops along the route. Also, you will come across the underground post office, from where you can send a postcard with the official address and stamp of Wieliczka Salt Mines.

The temperature underground is around 14 to 16 C no matter the season. You should wear comfortable and appropriate for the temperature clothes. Also, it is highly recommended to wear comfortable shoes due to the amount of the stairs and the length of the Wieliczka salt mine tour, which is around 3 km.

The passages and chambers are well lit. The light is also an important part of the exposition and is designed to feature the most beautiful parts of the salt caves. There is no need to bring extra light. Underground salt mine of Wieliczka are well adjusted and safe for visiting. There is also no need in bringing helmets or any other mining equipment.

The toilets are placed approximately 40 and 90 minutes after the start of the tour, and also are available before and after the tour.

During the salt mine tours, the visitors have unique opportunity to see chambers and chapels underground in the salt caves Poland.

You will visit St Kinga's Chapel. This memorial of the legendary patroness of Poland is the most beautiful place at Wieliczka salt mines. After moving to Poland, she was patronising and developing salt extraction here. This place is the most famous in recognisable in Poland salt mine church.

Other the most beautiful and famous chambers that you will visit include:

  • The Lake Wessel Chamber, which functions as an underground remedial health centre. By breathing the air with sodium chloride it is possible to ease the symptoms of asthma, allergies and other disorders of the upper airways.
  • The Weimar Chamber, that has the observation catwalk built above the salt lake. The whole exhibition is beautifully backlit.
  • The Wesser Chamber, that contains another underground salt lake. Nowadays it functions as a health centre.
  • St. Antoni's Chapel, which is the oldest underground chapel remaining, sacred from 1698. It was built in baroque style.

During the Wieliczka salt mine tour, you will also see the mining equipment from different centuries. Chambers are decorated in sculptures presenting famous people which had an important role in the history of Poland of visited Wieliczka salt mines in the past.

Polish Salt Mines – useful information

What is also worth mentioning is that the Wieliczka Salt Mine has its own unique microclimate. The air underground has a high concentration of sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium ions. The concentration of salt and other minerals in the air is good for the upper airways, so there is a remedial health centre at a depth of 442 feet open for people with asthma and allergies.

What is more, part of the route around Wisla – Warszawa – Budryk chambers have an access to mobile phone network as well as Wi-Fi access.

While being underground in Wieliczka salt mine Poland smoking, as well as lighting any open fire, are strictly forbidden. This is governed by mining rules. Breaking this prohibition may endanger the health and lives of the visitors.

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  • ( 4/5)

    Salt Mines Tours organised by Cracow4you are great! We booked a Private Tour with my family and it was perfect - professionally arranged, we had the best time. High comfort was that we were able to choose the pickup time and influence the tour itself. Wieliczka is very beautiful, too.

  • ( 4/5)

    I really enjoyed Krakow salt mine tour by Cracow4you. The transfer was quick, no problems with communicating with the driver. The vehicle was comfortable and tidy. The salt mines are impressive, but the temperature is quite low there. Still, strongly recommend.

  • ( 5/5)

    It was a beautiful day. We took the morning tour with Cracow4you. The driver was very nice and polite, and the car clean. The salt mines with all these chambers and sculptures and beautiful light are gorgeous. During the tour, unfortunately, part of the exhibition was closed from visiting, but I think we'll come here again.

  • ( 4/5)

    Wieliczka salt mine tour is a must when you are in Krakow. Beautiful exposition and underground salt caves are breathtaking. The history behind this place is impressive. The tour is well-organized.

  • ( 5/5)

    The salt mines and the professionalism of organization was a nice surprise. I heard nothing about this place before the tour. The driver already was able to tell us a lot, and the guide was really chatty and well-versed. Both spoke really nice English. The tour is beautiful and impressive, but all those steps are tiring. Fortunately, there are stops to rest and grab a coffee or a snack.

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