Wieliczka Salt Mine & Schindler's Factory One Day Tour

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What is included in our Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory One Day Tour

  • Instant confirmation
    After the completion of the payment, you get an instant confirmation of your reservation. The details of the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory Tour and contact information will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Transport by air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz minibus
    The high-quality air-conditioned vehicles are provided for our clients to ensure their comfort during transfers and tours. Premium and Private tour options ensure door-to-door pickup.
  • English-speaking driver
    Our friendly English-speaking driver will accompany you during the duration of the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory tour.
  • Entrance fees
    The price of the tour includes all of the necessary parts, including the entrance tickets to the Salt Mines and Schindler’s Factory Museum.
  • Guided Tour with the licensed educator
    At the Salt Mines of Wieliczka, you will be accompanied by a local professional guide to parade you through the galleries.
  • Transport insurance & all fees
    The prices of the tour include transport insurance and VAT.
  • Flexible pick up time
    Regular and Premium tour packages offer three various pickup time alternatives. You can book a tour that starts in the morning, at midday or in the afternoon. If you choose Private tour option the pickup time depends entirely on your preferences.

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Oskar Schindler Factory Guided Tour From Krakow Packages

A day trip from Krakow to Oskar Schindler’s Factory and Wieliczka prices differ accordingly to the type of the chosen package.

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory Tour - Regular Tour

the optimal option for the minimal price.

  • Only 59 euro per person 
  • • 6 h duration time
  • • Transportation by new minibus
  • • A group around 20 people
  • • Pickup at selected 10 hotels - Andels, Wyspiański, Radisson, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Qubus, Hilton Garden Inn, Kazimierz, Novotel, Golden Tulip
  • • Insurance

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory Tour - Premium Tour

the best price and the most popular option.

  • Only 69 euro per person
  • • 5,5 h duration time
  • • Snack box included
  • • Transportation by Mercedes-Benz minibus 
  • • Group of 8 people
  • • Door-to-door pickup, with the maximum of 4 stops. 
  • • Personal attention of a fluent English-speaking driver
  • • Insurance


Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory Tour - Private Tour

the most comfortable option with full service.

  • Only 79 euro per person
  • • 5 h duration time
  • • Lunch included
  • • Transportation by Mercedes-Benz van or limousine 
  • • Door-to-door pickup from
  • • Private executive vehicle only for you 
  • • Personal attention of a fluent English-speaking driver
  • • The shortest time of the transfer due to the lack of pickups 
  • • Insurance
  • • Maximum engagement and attention
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Wieliczka Salt Mine and Oskar Schindler Factory Guided Tour From Krakow - General information

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Oskar Schindler Factory Guided Tour From Krakow focuses on two prominent areas in Krakow and offers you the possibility to cover them in one day. The Salt Mines and Schindler's Factory have been attracting numerous tourists for years. These two sites are included in all the lists of "must-see" places in Krakow. You definitely should not miss an opportunity to visit them!

The attempts of salt extraction near the contemporary Wieliczka town date back even to 3,000 BC. In the 13th century, the first mine was open here. The mines were constantly developing and have been continuously functioning since the Middle Ages. The length of the galleries and underground passages is over 287 km. The mines reach the depth of 327 metres. During the tour, you will be able to get down to 135 metres underground.

Later you will visit the Oskar Schindler's Factory Museum. The exhibition accurately represents the daily life of ordinary people at the time. It is interactive and was specially created to evoke the feeling of being inside the history and experiencing it in person. At the Museum you will learn the history behind Oskar Schindler's life and the details of his deeds during the war years.

Schindler's Factory Museum along with Kazimierz and Podgórze districts are the places where famous "Schindler's List" was filmed. We recommend you to watch "Schindler's List" as it introduces the historical background and Oskar Schindler's life.

Museum Regulations of Wieliczka Salt Mine and Oskar Schindler's Factory

Wieliczka Salt Mines

  • Lighting any fire and smoking underground is strictly forbidden. Such actions may endanger the health and lives of the visitors.
  • There are no restrictions concerning the age or physical condition of the visitors. However, bear in mind that during the Wieliczka tour you are required to walk a 3 km long route with 800 steps. Please assess your physical condition realistically.
  • To get the possibility of taking photos and videos you have to purchase an extra pass for 10 PLN (2,5 euro) at the entrance.

Schindler's Factory Museum

  • It is suggested not to visit the Museum with the youth under the age of 14 years old.
  • You are required to leave your luggage and overclothes in the free cloakroom.
  • At the exhibition, it is forbidden to: take photos with the flash or the use tripods, record videos, consume food or drinks, smoke and talk via a mobile phone.

Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory Krakow Tour - Our Regulations

  • If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the activity you will get a full refund
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the activity or you do not show up for the tour - no refund is due
  • Please arrive at the designated pick-up point minimum 5 minutes before the departure time
  • Minor delays (circa 20 minutes) are possible due to traffic conditions
  • Pickup from hotels located in Old Town or Kazimierz might include about 5 minute walk to the bus
  • In case of any issues, you can always ask our Tour Leader for help or call our Support Center (the number will be on the sticker that you get before the tour)

Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory Krakow Tour - FAQ

  • How long is the Salt mine and Schindler’s Factory tour?
    The tour lasts for five or six hours, depending on the chosen package. The difference in the duration time is mainly due to the amount of the pickups of the other guests. The tour consists of a 30-minute drive to Wieliczka, a three-hour visiting underground salt mines, a drive to Schindler’s Factory Museum, a one-and-a-half-hour visiting the museum and the drop-off.
  • Is the Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory tour available for children?
    The salt mine at Wieliczka may be visited by children of any age under the conditions that they can walk by themselves or are to be carried by their parents because the pushchairs are not allowed underground. Schindler Factory Museum also may be visited by children of any age. However, the site is not recommended to be visited by youth under 14 years old.
  • Are there any health restrictions?
    It is not recommended to visit the Salt Mine for guests with claustrophobia. Persons with chronic diseases should consult their doctor prior to the visiting.
    Both sites can be visited by persons with mobility impairments. People using wheelchairs should book the Private Tour. At Wieliczka Salt Mine there is a possibility to use an elevator. The Salt Mines Museum provides its 56-cm wide wheelchairs for the use for free.
    There are no health restrictions in visiting Schindler's Factory Museum.
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Picked up at the airport by a lovely man who gave us a bit of history and local knowledge. Our return trip was a delight also. A lovely young man, beautiful Mercedes and a great steady safe driver. Would definitely recommend



via Trip Advisor

From the moment we were picked up from the airport until returning for our flight home, nothing but excellent service. Jacob picked us up & pointed out attractions en route to our hotel. The company also can arrange to take you on tours to the likes of the Salt Mines & Auschwitz-Birkenau



via Trip Advisor

Absolutely fantastic :) Jacob was a credit to his job and so helpful! He actually made our trip he was so funny and accommodating he brought us everywhere and we had the laugh with him. Gave us all the tips and hints of what to do and where was good around the city.

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory Tour from Krakow

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler's Factory One Day Tour is a great opportunity to visit two "must-sees" of Krakow in one day. The tour is designed for tourists who have limited time in Krakow and wish to experience the most of the city!

You will be picked up at a convenient place nearby your hotel or directly from your door, depending on the chosen tour package. During the whole Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory tour, you will be accompanied by a fluent English-speaking driver. At first, you will go to Wieliczka Salt Mines. The ride there takes approximately 30 minutes. The driver will accompany you until the entrance to the underground mines, where you will meet your professional English-speaking tour leader.

You will spend approximately 3 hours underground in the salt mines. During the tour, you will cover 3 km of salt labyrinths and galleries that connect chapels and chambers. On your way, there will be around 800 steps to go down.

After visiting Wieliczka Salt Mines you will be taken by your driver to Schindler's Factory Museum. The driver will drop you directly at the museum and accompany you to the entrance. The visiting of Schindler's Factory is non-guided and will take you 1,5 hour. Afterwards, you will be dropped at your hotel or any other place in the city centre if you'd like.

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During the tour you will see

  • One of the oldest salt mines in the world
  • The salt mine listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Numerous national Polish monuments and reliefs made of salt
  • Chapels and chambers carved in whole salt blocks
  • Development of the mining equipment over centuries
  • The 20th-century enamel factory of Oscar Schindler, turned into the museum
  • Feel the atmosphere of Krakow in 40’s
  • Get to know the reality of occupied Krakow and problems the contemporary citizens of the city had been experiencing
  • Learn the story of a man who saved 1200 lives during the Holocaust

Wieliczka Salt Mine and Schindler’s Factory Tour from Krakow General information

The Salt Mine near Wieliczka is one of the oldest mines in the world. It has been continuously functioning since the 13th century. As a result, salt was an important product of the Polish industry and export.

Nowadays Wieliczka Salt Mine is a major touristic attraction of Poland. It attracts over one million of the visitors annually. The galleries of the salt mine are over 287 km long and reach the depth of 327 metres. During the tour, you will visit only 2% of the whole mining complex.

Wieliczka is famous for its beautiful exposition and salt-made...everything. Even the chandeliers at St. Kinga's Chapel are made from salt bricks. The salt was subjected to chemical reactions that made it to appear as clear and shining crystals and decorate the chapel.

During the tour, you will see numerous sculptures and reliefs. The oldest ones date back even to the 17th century. On the other hand, there are also modern pieces of art exposed. What is more, the exhibition presents replicas of some famous masterpieces, but entirely salt-made. Most of the sculptures depict eminent figures that played important role in Polish history or visited the salt mines in the past.

Apart from the art exhibition you will have the chance to see the development of the mining equipment over the centuries.

The salt mines are also famous for their underground salt lakes. The salt caves are beautifully lighted and you can admire the water from the observation catwalks. The air is the most healthy near the lakes. For that reason, some of them were transformed into a health resort and a wellness complex.

Then you will be driven to the Schindler's Factory, situated at Podgórze district. When Nazi German occupiers entered Krakow during WWII, the Jewish people were moved from Kazimierz to the newly established ghetto at Podgórze. The area nowadays is one of the most significant remnants of the Krakow's occupation and war crimes that took place during the second world war.

The driver will take you directly to the Schindler's Factory Museum entry. The museum was founded in the former enamel Factory, bought by Oscar Schindler in 1939 and supervised by him during the years of war. The efforts made by Schindler, including numerous bribes to German officers, allowed him to save the lives of 1200 Jews employed at the factory. The history of Schindler became widely known due to released in 1993 Spielberg's film "Schindler's List".

During WWII Schindler was able to save more than 1000 Jews from the extermination by creating the so-called Schindler's Lists (there were 7 of them) and protecting the people he employed. His story and the stories of the people he saved will be presented at the Schindler's Factory Museum exhibition "Krakow in times of the occupation 1939-1945". For his deeds, Oskar Schindler was named Righteous Among the Nations by Israel.

The Museum shows the life in Krakow during the German occupation from both personal and global perspective. Most of the exhibition is interactive so that the visitors can gain the pieces of the firsthand experience of the daily life in the occupied Krakow.

Salt Mines and Schindler’s Factory Tour - Useful information

The temperature at Wieliczka Salt Mines stays around 14-16 C degrees during the whole year. Please bring some warm clothes appropriate for the temperature. You are required to wear comfortable shoes and outfit for the tour.

At Wieliczka Salt Mines you are not allowed to touch salt sculptures. The oldest ones date back even to the 17th century. Touching them may catalyse the process of destruction. It is also forbidden to take photos with the flash. If you wish to take photos and record videos you should buy an extra permission at the entrance. It costs 10 PLN (approximately 2,5 euro).

To both sites take luggage of reasonable sizes. Larger backpacks or handbags should be left at the luggage storage. At Schindler's Factory Museum you are also required to leave your overclothes at the cloakroom.

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Rated 4.2/5 based on 5 customer reviews
  • ( 4/5)

    Cracow4you makes a great work. The tour was neatly organized. The guide at Wieliczka was great, very knowlegeable and lively. We just wish we could have a little bit more time at Schindler's Factory.

  • ( 3/5)

    The tour is great. Such a solution was very comfortable for us – no need to worry about tickets and transport, everything is arranged for you. The car was comfortable and the driver very decent and friendly.

  • ( 4/5)

    Great organization and tour. But in my opinion, the match of the places is not the best. The sites are mismatched. First, you go to the breathtaking salt mines with all these beautiful chapels and underground lakes. You learn about the history of this place that reaches back the Middle Ages and admire the sculptures. And then you get transferred to the wartime Krakow. The combination of Auschwitz & Schindler's Factory tour would be much more natural.

  • ( 5/5)

    We booked the tour for the morning. In the end, there is still plenty of the day left to see Krakow if you feel up to it after all the steps in the salt mines. The tour itself was quite demanding and full in information.

  • ( 5/5)

    The organization of Cracow4you is of a high standard. Easy booking, understandable instructions, instant confirmations. I got all the detailed information on my e-mail. There were the main office's and the driver's phone numbers in case I have any problems or questions. The driver was friendly and picked me up with no delay and arranged everything for me. He was well-informed and helpful.

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